new to Lifechange Church?

Welcome to LifeChange Church. We are a group of people from all walks of life who are being transformed by Jesus Christ. LifeChange Church is a place where you can come, regardless of your past, and find a home full of loving, wonderful people who are passionate about living a life full of eternal purpose.

Our desire is to provide relevant teaching, powerful worship, and to see life change taking place one life at a time. The mission of LifeChange Church is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. 

We hope to provide you with the opportunity and the resources to grow in your faith and understanding of God's plan for your life. We believe life change takes place when we connect with God....connect with others....and connect with the church.

Our goal at LifeChange is to see you:

  • Connect not only to God and His son, Jesus Christ, but also to His Word.
  • Connect to others through small groups and community outreach.
  • Connect to the church by being involved in ministry.

If you're looking for a church home, we would love for you to be a part of LifeChange.

We invite you to worship with us this Sunday!

Jason Beiler

Senior Pastor

Jason grew up as a Pastor's kid, serving the church at a young age. His love for the Lord, love for preaching, and love for the church led him to be a Pastor. He eventually planted the seed that with the Lord's help has now sprouted into LifeChange Church. Pastor Jason preaches from the Word and he does so passionately! While the church is one of his passions, he is also passionate about his wife and children. Pastor Jason is blessed with his beautiful wife, Joy. Joy loves the Lord with all of her heart, and she supports Jason in all of his ministry. Together, Pastor Jason and Joy are raising three amazing kids, Elizabeth (18), Jude (11), and Lydia (10). 

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What to expect

You can expect friendly and authentic people, engaging and relevant music and worship, compelling preaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to encounter God. You can expect to find a place where creativity and fellowship come together to worship God in new and exciting ways. You can expect to be encouraged, challenged, convicted, excited and, most importantly, welcomed.


The mission of LifeChange Church is to glorify God by making disciples through the gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s mission and the mission of His Church are inseparably linked. If God’s mission is to be glorified through the redemption and reconciliation of a people, the Church’s mission must orient around the glory of God and seek to glorify Him through redemption and reconciliation.


Our vision is to be a church of grace-filled people, empowered for community transformation and new church formation, so that the Gospel is faithfully transferred from person to person and generation to generation.


Connect (or "Missional") Groups are an essential part of our church, as they provide a place where deeper fellowship and better support for one another can take place. Considering that the early church worshipped in large settings - in the synagogues - as well as in homes, we unite together similarly in order to be in deeper fellowship with God and one another.


We love music. Expect to hear everything from hymns to the most recent contemporary music you hear on the radio. We use music to show our Lord how much we love and honor Him.

Service Information

Our services always begin with powerful praise ushered in by our amazing worship team! Not only will your soul be fed during service, but your kids will be taught the WORD, play fun games, dance, and take part in some amazing crafts. Even the littlest of babies are welcome in our nursery. Come and hear the lifechanging message the Lord has for you!

Service Times

Every Sunday - 10:30 a.m.